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Hitachi Koki Co., Ltd. was maintaining the main goal is. Being a leader in the production. And development of tools, Japan. Our products


Has been produced Under high standards In terms of style, materials and labor to produce. The result is that users do. Easy and safe to relieve this. We have also improved in terms of facilities. And the production process is always so. The safety of employees and birth.


Peak Performance in Manufacturing The employees of Hitachi Koki is proud to be a part of the production tools with the durability to last for a long time. And high performance The Hitachi Koki maintaining the network of services throughout the world. To ensure that it can meet. The needs of customers in terms of products. And after-sales service Can cover Covering all areas of the world In addition to receiving information continuously. Both from the sales, service network and testing practical. Our product development team has helped to invent tools. Up with new innovations. To all users And maintaining the meter The high level in terms of quality, and the review of applications to users. Which range from technicians to use the tools to work every day, to those who prefer to repair or inventor himself in last week's holiday.


And to be available to meet the needs of customers in Thailand better. In terms of product and after-sales service by Hitachi Koki Co., Ltd., has opened a branch in Thailand on behalf of Hitachi Power Tools (Thailand) Co., Ltd., began operations. On Friday, 1 June 2550 The Bureau - located at WHA Bangna Business Complex Building 5th floor,Room 5A1. In addition, in the office, the company also set up a service center to provide after-sales service with the company. There are plans to expand the service to cover. And more inclusive Next up for the future. Customer satisfaction


Hitachi Power Tools (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. (Office)

333/9 WHA Bangna Business Complex Building, 5th Floor,

Room 5A1, Moo.13, Bangkaew, Bangphli, Samutprakan, 10540. Thailand

Tel : 0-2316-0975-8

Fax : 0-2316-0979

Email :


Hitachi Power Tools (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. (Service / Warehouse) 

42/9 Phattana-chonnabot 3 Road,

Khlongsongtonnun, Latkrabang, Bangkok 10520, Thailand.

Service Tel : 0-2138-9725

Fax : 0-2138-9726

Warehouse Tel : 0-2138-9727

Fax : 0-2138-9737